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Sunny Brook Rabbitry was created in April 1999 by Kim and Cristina Posey, as well as our step-sister, Selina Thompson.

Our dad used to breed French Lops for meat, it took us over a year to find a breeder of the French Lops and when we did we really got going. It wasn't until 2001 that we really started breeding but we did show these animals. We bought our first buck from Horst Hauck, and our first doe from Marianne Mairs. They will always be a special breed for their loving gentle personalities and their curiosity that could kill a cat!!! You would only know and love a French Lop to own one, they are great.

Selina fell in love with Holland Lops in June of 2000. Where we purchased our first buck from Gail Mcneil, and our first doe from Susan Rutherford. We have been hooked since. They are very curious, and mischevious, very cuddly and affectionate and so cute! They are challening but a lot of fun.

We went to look at cages one day, and a lady had been in a car accident and was selling all her rabbits. Kim fell in love with the Jersey Woolies, (my dad did too!!!) and she bought a pair. They are the greatest guys, very sweet and cuddly, very little brushing and so cute! We are only just starting in the Jerseys as we only got a barn up and together in May of 2001 but we have a pair and they will be shown at the February show in Victoria BC.

The Mini Lops came to be when I had a pet rabbit and wanted a 2nd after 2 years of having only one rabbit. I bought an opal Mini Lop doe from Jody Mitchell which I regret now for selling as she was gorgeous. She granded her first weekend on the show table! We are not keeping any of our Mini Lops because we would like to do the 3 other breeds but they will always have a place in our hearts. And I am sure when we have the space and time we will go back to them.

Kim is 17 and in Grade 12, Cristina is 15 and in Grade 10. Selina lives in New Brunswick now with her mom but she has a pet rabbit and we keep in close contact with her on how the rabbits are all doing. And what has been happening!