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Here are some site that we enjoyed going to, hopefully you will like them too!

French Lop Sites:

Brook Baldwin- Some very nice French Lops. Located in Northern California. She took BOB at the 2001 Convention! LOJ Joy has Brookes line!

ELS Rabbitry - Wonderful French Lop chin pictures. Located in Hawaii

Sarah Young-Some very nice French Lops and other breeds.

Mary Whitney - A very nice site with some gorgeous French Lops.

Kasey - Some very nice (and cute!)French Lops.

Holland Lop sites:

Sister's Hollands: Some very nice Holland Lops and Other Critters!!

ELS Rabbitry - Awesome Holland Lops and web-site.

Carey Harper- Very nice Holland Lops and web-site.

Backyard Bunny Barn! Gorgeous Holland Lops, and a really nice website design.

Allan Ormond- Gorgeous Holland Lops and web-site!!

Sherri Evan's - Some Very nice Holland Lops and web-site. She also breeds Peruvian Cavies, and Silkie, Texels as well.

Duskwood Hollands- Very nice Holland Lops with color and web-site.

Carrie Campo - Specializing in rare and unusal colors.

Missy*s Luv*n*Lops-Very nice Holland Lops and web-site.

Christine Church - Really nice Holland Lops and other breeds.

Amber Diduck - Some very nice and rare Holland Lops.

Anne Ott - Very nice Holland lops with color.

Karen Kuk - Some very nice Holland Lops and Mini Lops.

Rebecca - Some really nice Holland Lops and N.D's.

Bouncin' Bunny Barn- Very nice Holland Lops and web-site.

Circle L Rabbitry- Gorgeous Holland Lops and web-site!

Jersey Woolie Sites:

Laura Conazatti - Grand Champion Jersey Woolies.

Christine-Some very nice Jersey Woolies and web-site.

Cavy Sites:

Ours - Here we have some very nice and cute Peruvians and Silkies.