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VIRBA Feb 17/18 2002

Holland Lops:

Speckles Show A- 5/9
Speckles Show B- 4/8- Judge wanted more width in midsection other judge said poor crown but very nice doe. Her mom is maple a GC BIS winner! We have great hopes for this doe! She is now bred!
Bailey Show A- 4 of 4, too young. Brian Hartzell
Bailey Show B- 2 of 4. Very promising.Joe Lugo(Joe is an awesome judge) He breeds hollands himself. Brian is a great judge as well.

French Lops:

Buckley Show A- 1/2 BOSV- Judge's comments- Awsome buck
Buckly Show B- 1/2 BOSV (home bred buck that has really done well on the tables)!
2 legs B.J Show A- 2/2- Judge's comments- Very nice head
2 legs B.J Show B- 2/2- Judge wanted a bigger HQ the other judge thought he was flat in the shoulder. But he only needs 1 more leg to grand!
Portland Show A- 2/2 Brian Hartzell no bad comments lost on condition and other buck was older,
Portland Show B- 2/2 Joe Lugo thought he was lacking a little in HQ both brothers had gorgeous heads. This is a rebreed litter and the mom is due the 21 of March. The third brother living with Sarah took 2 of 3, and 3 of 3. He was a little long in shoulder but everything else was very nice and what a head! he looks exactly like BJ!
Preston Show A- 3/3 Promising buck but preston wouldn't sit still !!!
Preston Show B- 1/3- Very promising

Jersey Woolies:

Tiny Tim took 1 and he had good comments. We have a few does bred now and hoping for some quality animals!