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I currently have 4+ French Lop doe's and 17 babies in the nestboxes(or almost weaned) Also have 4 older bucks for sale! These animals come from quality breeders and hopefully should produce better than themselves. Will give discounts on trio's!

I have very few does currently! I had so many animals for awhile that I had to thin down well I guess I got carried away and i have very few does left although their are a few on the for sale page. Joy and Princess are excellent mom's and are nicely typed does that wont be leaving any time soon if at all! Hazel did produce a litter! and is being an excellent mom! 10 babies, 8 surviving! Excellent mom, Macie is now bred to a chin buck owned by a co breeder Sarah young(We breed the french together) Abby is with Sarah now because i was not able to get her bred. I have lots of bucks though! Most of those bucks have 2 GC legs or area registered if not more! And some are Jr's. Princess has a litter of 9 that are 5 weeks old that we will be keeping a few nice animals from as well. We also have a new arrival to our rabbitry-
Opal buck named Owen with 2 GC legs and his opal daughter???(not sure on her!).


ZLazy J's Hazel (3 leg)
Linda's Gunner GC X Sweetbriars Pecan GC

This is Hazel she is a tad long in the shoulder but has an incredible head, HQ, and width to her body. Also has great depth and is a sweetheart. She came from Tiar black of Washington who has some very nice French Lops. Hazel's head is massive! Her 1/2 sister Queenie (who now lives with Sarah Young) also has a massive head.


Sweetbriars T2PE(Princess)
Sweetbriars PerrinGC X Sweetbriars Tippy GC

This is princess. A really nice typed doe from Mary Whitney. She is a solid opal. She could do for a better head but what type! She has a great well filled body with awesome Depth. Cant wait for another litter! Princess's nose was biten when she was young so she has not been shown, but I'm sure she would very done well...


LOJ Joy 2 legs
LOJ Adrian GC X Brookes Kendra

She has nice body type, she is a tad low in the shoulder but that is her only fault. Her full sister took BOB of 84! rabbits, and BIS of 1400 rabbits at Washington state convention! I only paid $30 for her! What a deal. She has taken BOB of 12 rabbits but only 2 breeders so she didn't get a leg :(


ZLAZYJ's Kujo(2 legs) X ZLAZYJ's Hairlip(Blue)

Macie is my new solid black doe. She is out of Linda Murphy, and Mary Whitney lines as well. She is a typey, sweet faced doe, who is a smaller doe but she goes back to large rabbits that are related to Hazel. She has had 10 kits from Buddy(Sarah Young's buck) with only 1 alive.