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We have 6+ French Lop buck's. We hope that they will produce better than themselves!

We also have a new arrival to our rabbitry-
WildWoods KP3(broken black) and is 1/2 brother to Abby(has just been sold to Sarah Young).

Wildwood's KP3
Wildwood's CJG1 X Wildwood's MX2

This is a very nice Br.Black French Lop buck. He has a very nice head, with great bone. His body is very nice as well! Thank you Barb for letting me get him!


RL: BJ 1R1 2 legs
Black Jack GC X Kesha(1 leg) BOB

BJ is very typey with a great head and a nice short body, he could do for more massiveness though. He is a broken steel. This is BJ he has taken BOS before and has done very well. He is a broken steel. He looks a little washed out in this pic, but I believe it is the lighting and I really like his body pic.


Sunny's Preston
2 legs LOJ's Joy X RL: B.J 2 legs

Here a very nice Br.Opal. He has a good head and bone with a very nice color pattern. He also has a very nice body. He and his brother, Portland are going to be shown at the Feb show. Preston is a very nice Br.Opal. Very sweet as well. He is one of my best French Lop Babies. I'm probably going to breed Joy and B.J soon again.


Sunny's Portland
2 legs LOJ's Joy X RL: B.J 2 legs

"Perfectly terrible pic of Portland" He is in a complete moult and didn't realize just how bad this pic was. He is a very nice boy and did well at his first show. There is a very cute head of Portland. He is one of my nicest French Lop babies yet, him and Preston are my best!


Sunny's Buckly
1 leg Mairs Coco X Mairs C175 1 leg

Here is a nice br.chestnut, he has a good head, and a nice body. He did very well at the show in Feb. I am very happy with him! He always likes to pose. And show off his cute little head. He did very well at the Freb show!


Phoenix's Etzel
Phoenix's Esteban X Greens GA

Etzel has an awesome HQ, a great head, and great bone, he is long in the shoulder but very friendly. He was my frist French Lop and will never leave. He is registered. His dad was registered as well. He is the biggest sweetie and has had the biggest impact on anyone wanting a French Lop for a pet. He is the first one I bring out to show what a French Lops attitude should be like. This buck will never leave, he will be my pet/breeder buck forever!


Sweetbriars Kagan(2 legs)
Sweetbriars Biff(5 legs) X Sweetbriars Jiggles(GC)

This is Kagan a typey broken agouti buck. He has great type, but is lacking on bone to top him off. He is smaller around 12lbs. I love his type and I hope he an add his type to my sweetbriar doe's and lines. This is Kagan's head, he is pretty cute. I am hoping he throws nice animals... Kegan is going to a new home soon, just after we breed him to one more doe.