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Sunny Brook Rabbitry


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I would like to thank:
My parents without them rabbits wouldn't have come to be- they built my barn, paid the feed bills for the first year, paid the supplies, bought cages, bought rabbits, drove me to the shows, picked me up from the shows, cared and listened.

Jody Mitchell for starting me in rabbits! Helping me in every little problem, getting me rabbit feed, organizing transportation for my first French Lop, and always willing to help. Also selling me some awesome Mini Lops!
George and Randi Christensen for selling me awesome Mini Lops with color! And always making me laugh!
Marianne Mairs, Tiar Black, Barb Adams, Mary Whitney for selling me my foundation stock in the French Lops.
Marianne and Bill Mairs for teaching me what to look for in a French and what to stay away from.
Sherri Evans for selling me my nicest Holland in the barn! And always willing to help, and one of the nicest rabbit breeders i know!
Gail Mcneil, Amber Diduck, Susan Rutherford, for getting me started in Hollands and selling me quality animals.

Laura Green, and George Obrian for selling me nice Jersey Woolies and listening to all of my questions and answering! on how much I have to brush them!

Sarah Young for keeping me company at all the shows, and helping me go through my French Lop litters.
Tanya Lemckert and Glen Mollon picking up rabbits for me at Washington shows. And selling me some nice Holland Lops. And always willing to help, and great email buddies!

Jacquie Paetz for being a friend! and Always willing to help, and offering me some really nice Jersey Woolies.

Cristina and Selina my sister's for helping me clean, feed, and choose rabbits. Cristina for attending all the shows.

Sheila Lemaitre and Ingrid Nitsch for selling me some nice Mini Lops and Hollands.

To anyone i forgot i am sorry you have all been a part of helping me with my rabbits
Also Stan And Marie Molby for helping me at the shows. And picking up some French Lops for me as well.

THANKYOU! It is very much appreciated....