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Here are some more of our Holland Lop doe's!


Campo's Monique
Campo's MacGyver(GC) X Campo's Monica(2 legs)

This is Monique. I will get some better pics soon. She is a nice doe, but longer in body. She is very wide and is an excellent brood doe.


Ridgewood Rootbear
Ridgewood's StarBucks X Belokonny's Tina

Here is a very pretty Simease Sable doe. She is on the bigger size but has a good head and ears. With a very wide body. She is a very nice show do and is going to be shown at the Feb show.


Ridgewood's Lucy
Ridgewood's Millenium(REG, 3 GC legs) GC pending X Ridgewood's Selinas.

Here is a very nice Br.Sable Point doe. She has a good doe head, ok ears, they go up when scared. Good body, very wide. Just on the bigger size but will produce some very nice babies!


Ridgewood Speckles
Ridgewood's Adam X Ridgewood's Maple

Here is a very nice Br.Orange show doe. This girl is a lot like her mom. Good head, very nice body, just a bit of a ear carriage problems. She is going to be shown at the Feb show as well. She is so adorable! And has a really nice head like her mom.


Tommie's Barbie
Campo's Squirt 1 leg X Tommies Clover 1 leg

Here is a nice lynx doe. She is a little grouchy right now, since she has just gotten here from a long trip, so that is why I have not taken her out of her cage to take the pic. The white measuring cup is filled with cob so she would come to the front of the cage! She produces incredible babies though and is a excellent mom.She has a very nice head and ears with a nice body.


Ridgewood's Maple
Lit'l Buckaroo(REG) X Ridgewood's Selinas

Here is a Grand Champ. BIS Br.Tort doe. She is now retired from showing as she is 3 years old. Besides being an excellent show doe in her time she is an excellent mom, and is the mom to Speckles. She has a very nice head and ears with a very nice body. She has the prettiest head I have seen!

REW brood doe Tina(Belokonny doe)


Monique has produced many GC animals, I am hoping to produce some GC animals from her as Amber as many times.


Rootbear is a very nice show doe and has done good but no legs yet, hopeing to though!


I have just gotten Lucy! I am very happy to get Lucy and my other bunnies that I just got. Thank you Susan and Cheryl!


Speckles is a very sweet and nice looking doe. She is showable and is a lot like her mom.


Mg's Tuffy
Heidi's Ned X Mg's Corey

This is a solid Sr tort doe. She is very typey with a cute head, great bone and has been throwing nice babies. She has just had a litter of 4 from Oreo.


Ridgewood Heather X Ridgewood's El Dorado GC

Here is a cute blue tort doe. She has a short body, good bone and ears with a doe head. Will get a head pic soon!