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Here are Holland Lops, French Lops, and Jersey Woolies that are for sale. If I don't have anything for sell go to my sister's site at:


Sunfires Dash

Here is a very cute Blue AOV buck. He is pet quality or breeding quailty but has a nice head and ear but lacking in HQ. He is very friendly as well!


2 legs LOJ Joy X RL's BJ 2 legs

This little guy is a pet quality only and is VERY friendly, love to get petted!


Ridgewood's Millenium (GC) X Ridgewoods Jasmine

This is a cute little simease sable buck. His sisters were broken black and simease sable. I will get a head pic soon. He is very typey, long in body but great head and bone, very very wide, and very sweet. Quite the little guy! Biggest of the litter, going to be close to dad's size 4lbs. His sisters will be mom's size 3-3.5lbs.

Princess's Litter:
Only 1 baby left!! A Br. Chestnut buck. It is pet quality only. Very friendly!!


Evan's Sydney
Windy Hill's Skeeter X Lit'l Whisper

Sydney has nice type, she does have crown problems but has a nice body. She lost a little weight but that will come back quickly! She is very sweet and tiny!


I do not have Dash's pedigree yet. As I have just gotten him as of Feb 25 2002 so he is still getting used to the idea of living here.


This is an older buck that that would be an excellent pet. He is pet quailty only. He is very friendly.


3 legs LazyZ Hazel X Sweetbriar Kagan 2 legs

Here is Hazel's litter. There are 8 babies left. 7 solid agouti, 1 broken agouti. All pet is $20, All brood $30, Show is $40. Hazel has 7 bucks, 1 doe. 7 solids- 1 doe, 5 bucks, 1 broken chestnut agouti buck.


FE's Maggie
Windy Hill's Skeeter X Tommies Peaches N Cream

This is maggie, a blue tort doe. She has a nice round doe head but a little long ears. She is longer but will be an excellent brood doe. She is nice and wide and is very sweet.


Ridgewood's River
Ridgewood's El Dorado(GC) BOB winner X

River has a very wide body, nice bone and a good wide doe head. She is a little longer than ideal but very sweet. She is currently bred to Millenuim. River might be sold to Sarah Young in Parksville.