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Here are our Jersey Woolie buck's, we only have 2. I am on a mission to find a buck with a huge HQ. I am looking at a simease sable and tort buck and a blue buck. As well as a smoke pearl!


G.A.'s Tiny Tim
G.A's Oliver(2 legs) X Briarwood Rhodonite

This is Tiny Tim! He is a self blue. He has nice body type, a very good head, but he lacks fullness in his HQ. This guy is Very cute, very sweet, and loves people. My Buddy! He is going to be shown at the Feb 17/18 show! Can't wait to see
how is does!


Sunfires Tiburon

Here is a very nice sable point buck. I do not have his pedigree yet so I do not know who his parents are. Tiburon is gorgeous, I can't fault him on anything but may need a tad more depth. Tiburon is a very nice buck. I am going to bred him to one of my doe's very soon as I can't wait to have my first litter of Jerseys!!