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Sunny Brook Rabbitry
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These are the up and coming litters:

New litters

French lops:

ZLAZY J's Hazel(GC) 3 SR legs X SweetBriars Kagan 2 GC legs Due: Feb 2 2002 *KINDLED! She had 10 babies January 30, 2001. 8 surviving. This doe took 3 times to have babies(she would eat them:( she is an excellent mom, has lots of milk and is a sweetheart. 7 bucks, 1 doe! AHH bucks! 4 very typey show bucks in their. Will be keeping 1 for sure. 3 available likely for sale. Very nice litter! ALL have gorgeous heads! Even the doe!

ZLAZY J's Macie X Sweetbriar's Buddy due Feb 26 2002. FLASH! Kindled 10 babies Feb 25, 02. Only 2 have survived so far, not looking good:( 1 opal and 1 black(might be sold). Nice colors!

Doe's Bred:

LOJ Joy X RL BJ- See last litter pics of Preston and Portland we have kept on buck page!


MG's Tuffy had a litter of 4. 3 br. blacks, 1 br. tort. 2 of them turned out to be peanuts so there is now 2 babies, 2 br.blacks. Looks like they are both does. Very nice typed does. One pre-sold other is for sale! ALL SOLD!

Doe's Bred:

FE's Maggie X MG's Conrad-rebred didn't take is now bred to Crusader.
Wendy's Peppermint X Ridgewood's El Dorado(GC) this breeding was excellent before. Due: March 1 2002 - very pregnant!
GA's Icicle X Kevin's Avalanche(Blue X Broken Chinchilla!) -rebred to Crusader
Ridgewood's Speckles(Broken Orange) X Payton's Place Crusader(Blue Otter).
Belokonny's Tina(REW) X Ridgewood's Millenium GC
Ridgewood's Lucy X Ridgewood's Millenium (father/daughter breeding)
Ridgewood's Maple(GC)BIS winnner X Ridgewood's Thunder
Evan's Maria X Kevin's Avalanche(Broken chinchilla) no
Tommies Barbie(Lynx) X Campo's Arryn!
Bewitched X Oreo
Tuffy X Oreo

Jersey Woolies:

None at this time

Doe's Bred:

Charity X Tiburon
Dawn X Tiny Tim

Lots of animals are bred!