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Sunny Brook Rabbitry
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We have 6+ buck's. We hope that they will produce better than themselves!



GC Ridgewood's Millenuim
Bowmeester's Rodeo(GC) X Ridgewood's Pepsi(proven GC producer!)

Here is a very nice sable point buck. He has 3 GC legs and is retired now. He has a very nice head, ears and body but on the bigger size, about 4lbs. He is very sweet as well. Thanks Susan for selling him to me. He took BOV and BOS of 34!:)


Campo's Arryn
GC Campo's Macgyver(opal) X Campo's Caramel(chestnut)

Here is a very nice opal buck. Thank you Amber for letting me have him. He has a very nice head with a wide and short
body. Arryn is a massive buck with a huge head, and gorgeous crown and has a typey short body with a well filled HQ. He is lacking a little in his shoulders.


Payton's Place Crusader
Diducks Cody(3 legs) X Payton's Place Maple

Here is a Blue Otter buck. I love this color and it is very rare. He has a good head, his ears are a little long, and on the bigger size but a very nice body. Thank you Cheryl for selling me him to me! The blue Otter color is not yet reconized in the ARBA Standerds so I'm still waiting to show him. He is the only Blue Otter on Vancouver Island!


MG's Conrad
Mg's x MG's

This is my new little REW buck I really like his typey body. He is short and wide with a nice topline and good ear carriage and crown. He is a little narrow in the head but I can see that improving. He is a little long in the ear than what is ideal and he does not like other bucks! This isn't the best pic but I took them all myself and it is hard posing a Holland Lop and taking a picture!


Windy Hill's Skeeter
Ander-Hobbs Dustin X Sheri's Penny

This is a gorgeous little buck skeeter. He may weight about 3 1/4 lbs he isn't very big but is as sweet as they come! He is a smoke pearl. He has a wide short body with nice depth and a good head. His sister is now granded. He was the only one that had ear problems in the litter but has not produced any babies that had ear problems. He is the father of Maggie.